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10.02 episode reaction/review

Woot! Damn that was hot, I mean cool, I mean...Is it hot in here or what....?!

I have to admit, it wasn't until the end of this episode that I really got excited about it. During the episode I was getting a little restless, realising that I was really missing watching interactions between Sam and Dean. When we finally had the scenes between them (and wow, what scenes!) I could look back on the episode and really appreciate what was going on with it. The build up to their confrontation was worth it in the end. YIP!

There was a HEAP of things I loved about this ep, some things that bothered me a little bit and some things that really got my thinky brain working overtime.

First up, we HAVE to look at this section of dialogue between Cas and Hannah. And before you shout - an angel scene?!? - check it out. Imagine this dialogue between Sam and Dean...

Cas (Sam): You don't want this. I have seen what... I have made deals born of desperation and they always end in blood...and tears. Always...

Hannah (Dean): So I'm supposed to let you...

Cas (Sam): Yes. It's my life. It's my choice. And I don't want this.

Hannah (Dean): I... You're right. I'm sorry.

And it can be reversed. Sam could be saying this too (and ya wanna make a bet this exists because of the situation NOW, not previously. But, I'm not going to jump the gun on that. The fact that it exists AT ALL, indicates that at least SOME thinking is being done on this. Deals, choices, consequences, letting go…). Of course, we'll never get a scene like this between them, but I always believes scenes outside of Sam and Dean somehow relate to them and their struggles.

And actually, I loved that Cas said it. Thank god he allowed to say this and not be seduced by Metatron. I was damn well nearly screaming at the screen thinking Hannah was going to make a deal. NOT ANOTHER DEAL! (And here I was, about to fast forward through that scene because of Metatron (ugh!), but that piece of dialogue made me glad I didn't).



Dean, Dean, Dean. Hot damn! Jensen is eating up this role and it's so damn refreshing to see him revel in this new version of his character. I think this is some of Jensen's best performances we've seen. Ok - we've seen some great tears and pain and anger, but this is nuanced. There's a range of things going on in the character and I love that it's not black and white. He could all be out and out evil, but it's so much more exciting watching this cold, calculating, smart and creepily charming version of Dean. Especially when he's teasing us with the idea of how much of "him" is really in there. He killed the douche guy and let the woman live so...that "good guy" is still in there somewhere? He didn't kill Sam so...he still has feelings for him? One minute his eyes are showing us feelings, next minute that disappears and he looks like an empty, deadly killer. I friggin LOVE IT! (More on this later).

Sammy Sammy. I preferred Jared's performance in this episode, I have to admit. It just felt like he settled a bit more, or something. He looked lost but determined. His singular focus is getting Dean back and I think (like us!) he believed there was something of Dean in there. He's grasping on to any hint that Dean is not completely lost (not killing Cole). It's heartbreaking and satisfied all my brotherly feels. I was worried that he didn't pick up that Cole was following him (and "let" him go), but I am going to go with last episode's explanation and that is Sam is so off his game he's not as alert as he usually is.

BROTHERLY FEELS! So much delicious tension between them! Those final couple of scenes were electric. Dean's sheer power and Sam's desperation. *guh* (and Dean saying he wants to takes Sam's head off - with his teeth! Slay me now). And. And: "What I'm going to do to you Sammy?....that ain't gonna be mercy either". ARGHHHHHH!!!!! *DEADED* (fic need STAT!) I LOVE THAT STUFF!

Loved the scene between Cole and Dean - mostly the dialogue and Dean's delightful performance. Cole is kind of a douche (ack, I think he's meant to be yeah?) and Dean ATE HIM UP! Again, Jensen owned the damn screen.

"You're my brother and I'm here to take you home". Nuff said. Just feels. ALL OF THEM! Whaaaa.

"Hey There Lonely Girl" - awww, Crowley's heart is broken. Awesome choice of song.

Quote from the Princess Bride! \o/ " killed my father. Prepare to die". Delivered perfectly.

Mid to lowlights

I have a mixed reaction to Cole. He's a little more complex than it initially seemed and I like that about him. He's clearly lost it (and has been losing it for a while we have to assume). Torturing Sam isn't going to get a character into my good books, so I like that he seems like he could be honourable, but years of being driven has worn him down and now he's lost to the depths of darkness. He represents the theme they're playing with at the moment - Sam could become like just him - or maybe he even sees an aspect of himself in Cole. We don't know yet exactly the lengths Sam has gone to to find Dean, so many be has also tortured a human, much the way Cole tortured him.

What doesn't wash with me is believing he's been hunting Dean all his life. Like really? It's taken this long to find him? Totally *handwaves* because ok, storyline and that's all there is to it (and maybe it matches that "douche" quality he has going on? He's been preparing for this since he was 13 and has lost sight of other important things in his life. AND he was prepared to let Dean kill him - wife and child? Yep, they don't feature it would seem). He's a beautifully messed up character, with shades of both Sam and Dean in him.

Calling Sam "boy" seemed strange, especially has he's supposed to be younger than Sam. Maybe it's part of the bravado.

Dean being taken out by some holy water and devil trap hand cuffs. I have to *handwave* this also I think. It seems like a far too easy way to capture Dean. I was discussing this on twitter and it could be argued that maybe Dean wanted be caught by Sam and didn't fight him or try and escape. Personally, I don't think so. I felt like Dean was truly pissed off that he was caught, so I have to believe he reacts to holy water and devil's traps like any other demon. And why not? The thing that makes him a "different" demon is his free will. He's no ones puppet and can make choices for himself. But he's still bound by the laws of demonises. *nods* Also, maybe he's looking forward to messing with Sam.

Sam's poor head! Seriously?! How many knocks can that poor boy take?! (it's replaced choking at the Sam "thing" now hasn't it?)

Sam's poor hair! (yep, I will complain about this until they stop smoothing down the back of it..*ugh*)

I'm not sure why Cas is dying. Is it because his vessel is dead and as his Grace is fading he's beginning to die just like his vessel? I dunno. I keep trying to be interested in the angel stuff, but it really doesn't grab me that much. Though, I'm still keen to see some luuuvvv be Cas and Hannah. ;). And man, I hope Metatron doesn't escape. Never hated a character so much. And that's not in the "love to hate" kind of way.

I'm always curious to see the ways in which the show keeps Cas powerless and away from the boys. He's sick and, well, that's that. I did like Cas's proclamation that Sam and Dean are his friends. I mean, we know that now, but it was a nice sentiment. I think I particularly like it when Sam is (now) included in that friendship.


I know there are different interpretations on how much of Dean is actually in there (another reason why the performance is so strong), and maybe we'll find out more about that next week, but for me, other than characteristics we've seen from Dean before (drinking, hanging out at a strip club, violence), there's not a lot of the Dean we know.

The really interesting moment in this episode was Dean deciding not to kill the girl but instead go for douche husband. It could be argued that that was the "real" Dean reacting, and maybe there was a little bit of that there, but ultimately it was about making a choice for himself and NOT doing what Crowley had ordered. There's no doubt that we are still seeing many of the characteristics that we now are Dean - "defending" a woman's honour last week (which ended up being more for himself than for her) and taking out douchebags (which turns out to be more about going against Crowley's wishes that deciding not to kill the girl). It's this complexity that makes demon!Dean so damn fascinating.

And one of my favourite geeky things:

Lots of flamingos in the bar. The last time we saw flamingoes was in Mystery Spot. Perhaps an accident, but I do love that the last time we saw flamingos Sam was desperately trying to save Dean.



I'm liking the "feel" of S10 much more than S9 so far. Even though the boys are apart and Dean is threatening Sam (why do I find that so delicious?!) at least we know it's because Dean isn't really Dean - it's not because they've decided to make them do horrible things to each other because…um…because… Carver wants the drama!

I like that they're not letting Dean off easily. He's creepy and violent and dangerous, and nothing we are seeing is actually that far from actual Dean - as in, they are not completely foreign behaviours. Of course he's lacking the essence that makes us love him and I'm looking forward to see in how he's going to make his way back.

I'm still a tad worried what they're going to do with Sam. So far, we've had a very determined Sam, but with little insight into his head. Perhaps there's not a lot going on there other than - save Dean. I'll run with that for the moment.

Poll #1985567 10.02 rating...

I thought 10.02 was

AWESOME! More of that please!
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Ok. Some good bits, some not so good bits.
*meh* I wasn't really feeling it.
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Haven't watched it (yet).
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  • Poll for 11.09

    As seems to be the case lately (it looks like there's this bar I'm a little drawn to lately ;D) I haven't had a chance to put my thoughts into a post…

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