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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
10.06 reaction/review 
19th-Nov-2014 10:01 pm
Sam and Dean peering

I'm not sure where to start with this one to be honest. When I write my reactions I like to be as honest as I can about how I felt about an ep and as I had mixed feelings I'm not sure which ones to take the most notice of (if that makes any sense!?!) I was loving it SO VERY VERY MUCH and then in the last 10 minutes or so I was feeling a bit let down.

I realise that maybe I was expecting too much - I thought it was going to be much more of a "classic" whodunit than it ended up being. I mean, it was a great shout out that genre, I was just hoping it was going to end the same way they usually do (more on that later). I have a feeling this is one I will enjoy much more on re-watch (I'm loving all the gifs and references made to it so far, so I think this episode will have a lot of mileage *g*).

Stuff I loved.

The music! Wonderfully classic "mystery" music with a touch of cheekiness that suggested that we don't take this too seriously. One of my fave things of all.

Watching Sam and Dean work together (and giving off the slashiest vibe between in a long time. I don't often watch with my slash googles on, but boy, hard to avoid this one! *g* Actually, I think it a lot to do with how uncomfortable they were around all those strange, rich, soulless people and how totally comfortable they were around each other). For those into Sam/Dean I think it was a treat. :))

I liked that they shared giving orders. It really felt like they were truly equal partners.

Sam making Dean coffee. <3 (and Dean's gorgeous reaction to it!).

They are back to living in motels (why does that make me so happy?!)

All the Cluedo references (as named in Australia). Each time a murder weapon was introduced I laughed out oud. What great fun. I am not sure if this episode came about because of the SPN Clue game or because they wanted to promote it. Either way, it was wonderful fun.

Bobby being remembered.

Dean working on the car again. He clearly had a lot of work to do after demon!Dean trashed it. I love that they've made a point of that. It's one of the more subtle things they are referencing at the moment.

Sam being hit on by cougars (shut up! That would totally be me. I would hope I would be a lot more subtle than they were, but my brain would totally be going there!).

The "Then" montage. All those wonderful monster reminders. I love that they didn't do the usual thing and tell us about a past monster so we know about the one coming up in the episode. A great why to hide the truth and give us some false ideas.

All the faces! Sam and Dean's looks were so adorable and precious. Loved it.

Thing I'm handwaving

Dean being able to wander around the house unchecked. Yeah yeah, I know he "had" to, but it just felt weird that after a murder there was only one detective and no other police. *shrugs* I know that's picky, so just ignore me.

The thing that niggled

One thing I was reeeeally looking forward to in this episode is that moment at the end of usual whodunits when the truth is revealed. I love it when the detectives knows who dun it and slowly draws out the reveal. I felt sure Sam and Dean would do this and I couldn't wait to see them use their smarts and reveal the mystery. Instead they were locked away and the actual monster had to do the revealing. I understand why it was done this way (Sam and Dean wouldn't have been able to reveal that the murderer was a shapeshifter), but I felt a little cheated.

(oh and I am still not over Sam's bob haircut this season. Ugh. I'll even accept shorter if they could just stop curling the back under. PLEASE!)

Other (more thinky) stuff

I did like the way Sam and Dean were obviously out of place in this setting. Initially I felt like the family characters were over the top (which, they were), but it served for two purposes. One to show us how Sam and Dean would see them (totally removed from their lives) and two, that this episode was mostly a stylised version of a whodunit and not a serious attempt at the genre. That was obvious with the music choice (and the Clue weapons and secret passage), but I was kind of hoping it might have ended the way a classic whodunit would.

The "out of place" feel was reinforced by them seeing how this family felt toward each other - something totally foreign to Sam (even when he's pissed off with his brother). I like the nod that Sam's never felt hate - even at his most pissed off.

I liked that Sam was the one to draw out the shifter (though I initially thought it was a stupid play until I realised he was stalling it until Dean got the silver bullets) but the anvil with "I didn't have a choice about being a monster" really made me cringe because I know this is a reference to Sam thinking he's a monster because of what he did to save Dean. I'm afraid this angle to Sam's story is going to really bug me and if it continues in this vein I will be pretty damn annoyed. Sam was going through this during S4 (Metamorphosis examining this very issue) and it feels so shallow that Sam would be thinking about himself like this now. Especially as it really looked like Sam was truly feeling it (Jared was giving it everything - which also felt kind of weird, but I appreciate his commitment). It all felt so dramatic after a mostly light episode.

I think the shifters speech would have had more relevance if it had been addressed to Dean ("I was forced to become a monster"). Maybe Sam hearing it was about understanding more about what happened to Dean and in turn, himself. I don't know. I'm probably reaching for too much (as I tend to do *g*).

The zoom edits when Dean was shooting the shifter was particularly unnecessary I thought. I understand why they did it like that - "attention audience, Dean is "going too far now" - but I'm not sure we need to be spoon fed this stuff. I love it when they are more subtle with this stuff. Dean over-shooting the monster (Jensen does "dark" well enough to carry this without the extra emphasis), followed by Sam's reaction would have been enough for us to know what what going on. I liked how damn scared Sam was of Dean - a reminder of the threat he was under when Dean was a demon maybe.

During the BM moment we could see that Sam is clearly concerned, Dean is trying to not be concerned and we are left wondering is there something more going on with Dean other than the Mark or his past demon-ness. I can't imagine anything "more" than either of those so I suspect we are just going to be witnessing Dean's slow decline into darkness. Potentially interesting and no doubt angst inducing.

The theme of "what makes a monster?" continues and if they manage to find a different angle on it from the past times they have explored it, it could prove to be enlightening (hopefully to both Dean and Sam). I just hope they take into account that the brothers have been through all this before. I want them to explore what makes it different for them this time.

I'm going to have to rewatch just to figure out what was actually had happened to the daughter and the ins and outs of it all. I did get that Bobby was merciful and let the daughter live as long as she was locked up. I do like that it suggests that "mercy" may not always be as merciful as it first looks - a very strong theme in the Supernatural universe.

I did enjoy a lot of this episode and my niggles are simply wanting the show to be a bit more clever - the script a bit sharper. Maybe that I had figured the silver wasn't silver during that rather delightful scene with Sam between the two women made me think that the boys should have worked that out earlier (or at least checked it was silver). But there were so many delightful moments that I know it will be an episode I will enjoy re-watching. The boys were great together, there were some nice family references and it was hilarious in parts. It felt like old school SPN in many ways. MoTW with classic SamnDean moments. I'll take that over them being horrid to each other any day. :)

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10.05 was

Awesome! So much fun!
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ETA: (of course I mean 10.06 but I've lost the opportunity to edit it…)
19th-Nov-2014 02:55 pm (UTC)
Hello, brain-twin! I enjoyed this episode maybe a bit more than you (and even more on the rewatch), but I love the things you mentioned -- the "Then," the cougars, the music, the "Clue" references -- and totally agree with the let-down of the monster making the big reveal instead of the guys. (Not to mention her making TWO "evil overlord" monologues.) Still, this episode was FUN.

. . . and I loved the cougar!sisters. :D
19th-Nov-2014 03:00 pm (UTC)
Hey honey! I was very much enjoying it and then…bamn! Sam and Dean caught and locked away and I was like…Noooooooo!! I wanted them being all detective like and say.."it was the shapeshifter in the Library with the….". But that's more about expectations rather than being really disappointed. I really wish I could remain unspoiled - that way I'd have no idea and be delightfully surprised. :D

There was a lovely fun element to it and Sam being so terribly awkward was an absolute delight. I look forward to watching it again soon. <33
19th-Nov-2014 03:08 pm (UTC)
the only thing i noticed that threw me out of the episode was the NO BLOOD where the dude had his head cut off by Lance with the axe.

I was like wow, the maid service is incredible, but yeah, where was the blood?

but i laughed out loud so many times.

the boys are so cute, and yeah cougar, i'd be draped all over Sam!! Oh and look at how long his fingers are!! 9 inches!!! LOL!!!
19th-Nov-2014 11:01 pm (UTC)
Oh yes! No blood! I have no idea why I expect anything to be realistic on the show, but I love it when they get the little details right.

Sam being accosted was hilarious - Jared plays awkward so well. :))
19th-Nov-2014 03:37 pm (UTC)
Like I said on twitter, this episode for me was 100x better and made me more happily nostalgic for the Golden Years than whatever it was they were attempting last week. Definitely my favorite episode since 10.2

And they let Jared be FUNNY again! Do you know how rare that is nowadays? lol
19th-Nov-2014 11:07 pm (UTC)
I definitely enjoyed last weeks (though having lurked through you tweets about it I agree with those comments - especially after the backlash it seemed to have created) but I love it when they give us entertaining episodes that feature lots and lots of bro scenes (and isn't dealing with heaven and hell issues…).

Perhaps with the highest ratings yet this season they'll figure that these kind of eps attract the most viewers and make more just like that…

Jared does funny so well!! More more!
19th-Nov-2014 04:41 pm (UTC)
Hey hon, my sentiments pretty much echo all of yours. I did enjoy this episode, loved the boys working together, but yeah, I thought the last 10 min or so with the reveal could have been better.

oh and I am still not over Sam's bob haircut this season. Ugh. I'll even accept shorter if they could just stop curling the back under. PLEASE!)

Thank you!! Ugh, the boys in my icon show how I feel about it. They need to leave the back alone & let it be natural. And I'm really not digging the all-one-length -ness of it. If they want it shorter, at least trim up the layers on top. Jared's hair appears to have grown in just a bit lately. I guess it's too much to hope that it'll look better in the more recently-filmed eps, with the way they're styling it. But oh well, a girl can hope...

Edited at 2014-11-19 04:42 pm (UTC)
20th-Nov-2014 01:07 pm (UTC)
I am forever hopeful that it will grow out and they'll stop curling it under and smoothing out the back. It looked great at the recent con, so maybe the later eps will have better Sam hair! (very important!)

19th-Nov-2014 05:06 pm (UTC)
I loved it. I didn't mind the boys not being the ones to do the reveal, I actually quite liked the way that played out. Although two speeches from the shifter was over the top.

I had a completely different take on the scene between Sam and Olivia. It didn't even cross my mind that they were using it to show Sam may have gone too far in trying to save Dean. To me it was showing two different points of view; Olivia feeling like Bobby forced her to become a monster and Sam seeing what Bobby did as merciful, and how the same act can look very different depending on perspectives.

The zoom with Dean was a little over the top but I've come to expect them being a little ham-fisted with things now so it didn't bother me much.

The only thing I really didn't like about the episode was that God-awful CGI car scene at the end where Sam's head looked four sizes too big and took up most of the window. That was one of THE single worst CGI this show has ever done. It looked so distorted and stupid. But other than that, I really loved the episode. It was silly, over the top, and funny, with a punch to the gut at the end. Just like the episodes of old. And it even had the silly things that those locked room mysteries almost always do; the lack of blood and gore, a single detective with no back up or forensic techs, people roaming unchecked through the house. It cracked me up. Those movies always play it out like that.
19th-Nov-2014 09:56 pm (UTC)
Oh thanks for pinpointing why that zooming out car shot at the very end looked so odd - I was watching in a bit of a rush and hadn't twigged exactly why it didn't look quite right to me.
19th-Nov-2014 05:19 pm (UTC)
I was unspoiled going into last night's episode and so I didn't know how FUN it was going to be! I laughed so much. This was wonderful, with Sam being the eye candy, and the brothers working together.

Aside from the last 2 minutes, I found everything delightful, so much so that I hadn't noticed Sam's hair being a downer (still). Probably because his face demanded all my attention. :) Dean's too, actually. Adorable!

Loved the "Then", the Clue references, the cougars, and of course, Sam on the floor dripping with sweat and working those neck muscles to perfection. Another unexpected perk - no angels.

I look forward to watching this again. I hope it's just as enjoyable!
20th-Nov-2014 01:19 pm (UTC)
I have a feeling I would have enjoyed it much more if I had been unspoiled (It's so hard being on twitter. SO many spoilers).

And they were BOTH so adorable!! I'm just being niggly about Sam's hair. I just notice it a few times and it distracts me! (just like the rest of him I suppose).

Sam on the floor dripping with sweat and working those neck muscles to perfection

Oh that was gorgeous!! I may have re-watched that a few times just to see that again. :)
19th-Nov-2014 05:43 pm (UTC)
I loved the cougar twins, the comments about the length of Sam's fingers, the little shove when sis two sat down--and the little flash of Jared with the double hug and the "darlin'". I did enjoy the lighter, campy Clue-flavor, Dean's smart recognition of the pendant cross on the book spine, and discovery of the hidden attic.

I loved the Roy LeGrange actor as Phillip the butler (kept waiting for him to palm Dean's head, "All right, now."), and Sam's reaction to "all families hate each other." I am so with you on the hair.

Someone gif'd Dean overkilling the shifter, and I'm not sure if that person 'shopped it in, or if it actually was onscreen in the ep, but Dean's eyes flashed black for a second. If it's actual footage, I'm not liking the overtly obvious influence of the MOC. As you say, Jensen does dark quite well enough not to need such CGI tricks to get the point across.

I actually did like the unease, the metallic taste in the mouth, the not-resolved mood of the end. Overall, I liked 10.06 a lot.
20th-Nov-2014 01:43 pm (UTC)
Yeah, there was a lot to like. :)) I watched it again today and as I knew it was essentially just going to be a light, fun ep I could relax a bit more. The end was quite a bit heavier - which was probably needed to keep the myth arc going.

And ooh, I didn't notice the flash to black in Dean's eyes when I was watching. If that was actually in the episode it would definitely suggest the demon is still in there somewhere. I'll have to check that out (though it sounds like it was a manip maybe). I remember last season when Dean was slowly becoming infected by the Mark - there were a couple of episodes where he seemed to go slightly too far, but it wasn't hammered home to us - it left us wondering. Doesn't look like they'll be taking that approach this season.

The unease at the end between them seemed right. There's must be still a heap going on in Sam's head about what Dean said to him and how Dean tried to kill him. Dean keeps brushing it off - probably just wanting to hope he can handle it. I'm sure he doesn't want to have to confront the fact that the mark could be affected him.
19th-Nov-2014 06:11 pm (UTC)
Oh crap I filled in the survey before I saw the edit at the bottom, I loved 10.6! Super silly and fun :D
20th-Nov-2014 01:44 pm (UTC)
Yeah, sorry about that! I noticed the error after I posted it -by then I ran out of steam to re-create it. :)

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! :))
19th-Nov-2014 07:45 pm (UTC)
my grade's a B for everything except the last 10 mins.i will re-watch it again except the last 10 mins

Edited at 2014-11-19 08:03 pm (UTC)
20th-Nov-2014 01:45 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I'd say B too. :)
19th-Nov-2014 10:02 pm (UTC)
I was pleasantly surprised by the episode, it was a lot stronger that I expected, especially since it had to follow last week. A great old school vibe, with neat jokes, lovely Dean faces and Sam in peril.

I loved the Cluedo theme (it's Cluedo in the UK too) and I liked the shot of Sam's face at the end through the car window. A lot to love.

21st-Nov-2014 03:20 am (UTC)
Lots to enjoy that's for sure! The shot of Sam out of the window was curious. I'd love to know what he was thinking. Dean just shut him down (again) so he's probably massively worried that Dean's promise to tell him if anything was wrong has gone out the window...
20th-Nov-2014 03:00 am (UTC)
The totally bloodless crime scene with the separate tape circle for the head totally cracked me up as well as the total overkill with the ancient battle axe.

With the end monologue about the choice to become a monster, I think in the end, that's going to be more relevant to Dean. He made a choice to take on the Mark. The whole dead parent-revenge-mercy thing seems relevant in light of whatever went down with Cole.

I had fun with this one. I kept thinking someone had to make some comment about the butler did it and sure enough, I think Dean said something about it.
21st-Nov-2014 03:28 am (UTC)
The separate head circle cracked me up too! I actually giggled when I saw that.

With the end monologue about the choice to become a monster, I think in the end, that's going to be more relevant to Dean.

I think it is too. It was just curious that it was Sam hearing it. But maybe it will become relevant to him realising something about all that later in the season (ack, maybe. I've lost complete trust anything means anything these days).

And yep! Dean said something like "I can't even say the butler did it"…or something like that. :)) Fun ep.
20th-Nov-2014 04:50 am (UTC)
Thanks for the great review! This is going on my short-list of eps to watch, if I'm craving more after the 200th ep.
21st-Nov-2014 03:29 am (UTC)
It's a fun (angel free) ep! Some cute shared bro looks. Great to see them working so well together (calm before the storm ahead I suspect).
20th-Nov-2014 08:26 am (UTC)
I didn't even relate the "I didn't have a choice being a monster" to Sam. I thought it was about Dean and the MOC/demon stuff. Like foreshadowing. I probably would have related that more to Sam back when he was more about his psychic powers or the demon blood stuff. As for him being a monster now, I feel like they haven't told us enough about what he did to get Dean back for that to settle properly with me yet.

There were two things that bothered me about the episode. One was that there were times I felt like the brothers were purposely dumbed down to make the writing easier. They didn't notice the necklace was a key especially when the key to the bunker is sort of a similar secret key type device? They haven't looked at enough silver to know when a knife is stainless steel? Same goes for the keys to the gun safe. Those tiny keys are differently shaped than anything else. You going to tell me they have no experience with gun safes? Or how about how long it took Sam to notice there were huge security cameras in the shoebox of a room they were locked in?

The second thing that bothered me I noticed within the first 5mins of the episode. The fake!amulet is no longer hanging from the rearview mirror in the car. Seriously? They make a big moment out of that and then it just disappears? That made me so sad and I saw tons of comments about it on Twitter. :(

Other than that, I did enjoy it. Dean looking into the set of armor was hilarious in a way only Jensen could pull off. I liked Sam being all uncomfortable with the ladies and Dean enjoying every minute of seeing that. I do wish that after all the brotherly-ness of 10.05 that Dean didn't immediately regress to "shut up Sam, I'm fine" at the end of this episode. He's definitely in denial.
21st-Nov-2014 11:15 am (UTC)
I thought it was about Dean and the MOC/demon stuff. Like foreshadowing.

That was how I wanted to read it, but as Sam was the one who heard it and reacted to it, it made me think it was for him. I would love for it to be about Dean so we'll have to see how that plays out. I felt it was more about Sam not having a choice about becoming a "monster" to help Dean. Personally, I don't think Sam became a monster at all, but I think that is Show's reading of the situation. I think they want that conflict for Sam this season (which I really do not want). Sam is trying to feel less guilty about what he did.

One was that there were times I felt like the brothers were purposely dumbed down to make the writing easier.

Very much this. I know they have to be "dumb" so the story can play out bur I was SO SO hoping we were going to be getting clever brothers working it all out. I liked that Sam stalled while Dean got the silver - but even then it was all quite contrived. I think that's why I was let down. I just wanted it all to be a little more clever than tha.

The fake!amulet is no longer hanging from the rearview mirror in the car. Seriously?

Yeah. To be honest I didn't even expect to see it after last week. I felt that it really didn't play a part in the boys' story - it was all just there to please us. The last episode had very little to do with, well, anything that's going on now. It was tremendous fun but it was a "fix it" amulet an now they've moved on (as much as I'd love for it to turn up at some point. Better yet - the real one!)

I do wish that after all the brotherly-ness of 10.05 that Dean didn't immediately regress to "shut up Sam, I'm fine" at the end of this episode.</i. Yeah. Dean is back to shutting down Sam, which is a shame. But I think they like to play this drama for the angst and therefore that's the way they do it. Much worse to come I suspect. :(( I think we have to enjoy the "good times" while we can! :)
22nd-Nov-2014 11:38 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed this episode, although I agree with your point that it could have been even better if the reveal had played the way that they normally do in the classic whodunit
24th-Nov-2014 12:30 pm (UTC)
A classic reveal would have been such great fun. I can imagine it would have been hard to do, but I wanted to watch the boys show their smarts. :))
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