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vidding (and general) round up 2014

I haven't had a chance to wish you all the best for the season. So ALL THE BEST FOR THE SEASON! <3

It's a strange time of year. Happy for some, sad for some. I consider myself lucky as it's mostly a happy time of year for me. And I am truly grateful for that. It's a little stressful (family stuff can sometimes be fraught) but it's small beans compared to what many have to endure. I hope you ALL had a happy time.

Something I've done for a few years is the Vidding Meme. It's a nice way to reflect on the years' fanworks. I don't want to break tradition so here's what I got up to in 2014:

It's a Beautiful Day S8 Gagreel

An introduction to the OTW (Organization for Transformative Works)

Never Always Getting Back Together A look at Sam and Dean's breakups and make-ups.

Happy to be Born This Way S9 Gag Reel and Fan Perspective

Road to Absolution Kevin Tran character study.

Top Ten Motels of Supernatural Title says it!

Little Green An ode to the Green Cooler (of bro love).

Supernatural Dance Freaks Cast and fans dancing at cons.


Favourite Vid

Hmmm, I have a soft spot for all these vids in one way or another. I put my heart into all of them so each is in my heart no matter what. Though, I like re-watching Dance Freaks because it makes me happy.

Least Favourite

PURELY for the saga of making it the OTW vid.

Most Successful

Watches on You Tube: Supernatural Dance Freaks
Comments on LJ: Never Always Getting Back Together
Thinkiest comments: Road to Absolution (and even though it's the least popular, I think it's my "best").

Most Under appreciated, IMO.

Ha, this is a hard one. I feel like I've had the response that each vid warrants. For example: I didn't expect a lot from the Kevin vid so what I got was awesome, Little Green took me all of a day to make so didn't really expect a lot from that (though I loved the twitter and LJ response it got *g*). The OTW vid took AGES to make but I knew it wouldn't be watched by many. Though I suppose I had hoped for some critical feedback - but I figure it's not a vid that's watched critically (and I got a lot whilst making it).

Most Fun to make

Happy to be Born this way. Working with the gag reels is always happy making.

Biggest Vid fail

Mostly the fact that I didn't make anything very deep or significant. My Kevin vid was the only one that involved lots of meta type thinking. I don't see this as a failure as such, just personal acknowledgement that I'm not putting in the kind of time it takes to make a "big" vid any more (aside from the OTW vid - which was "big" in a different way).

Hardest to Make

OTW!!! LIKE WHOA!!!!!!

Kick Ass/Sexiest

Jensen dancing in SPN Dance Freaks. *swoon* that man can MOVE!

Unintentionally telling video.

Ha! All of them! I don't really have the time to make vids so they are short and not very thought provoking.

Things I've learnt this year

Don't agree to make a vid where there's a committee involved (though, I learnt that last year but it's this year that the OTW vid came out). I don't regret doing it at all, but boy did I learn something during that process. The actually making of that video was a massive learning curve also - and I learnt informative vid making is very different to making fanvids. I love editing no matter what, but the skill set is quite different. I've also learned to make things that make me happy whilst making them and not feel too bad about that.

Things to work on

Less is more maybe? Fewer vids with more substance? I don't know. I like making feel good vids or easy vids so it's just the way it is at the moment. I am disappointed I wasn't able to make better, more substantial vids.

Vid Projects that I want to finish

Sammy Big Bang vid, Sam vid and a Dean vid I'm currently working on. I also want to make some experimental vids next year.

Each year I make fewer vids and that's mostly due to lack of time and that I focused more time on making gifs (for tumblr) and writing stuff.

A highlight of the year was being in the Fan Phenomena book - not only to talk about vidding, but to have the chance to talk about the cinematography of the show and have Serge Ladouceur talk about the screen caps I chose.

I posted my preparation post for that entry into the book: Cinematography of Supernatural

Another highlight was having Guy Bee tweet me about my Cinematography of 10.09 post. It's the simple things in my fandom life that makes me happy! :D (including YOU all!).

Other stuff:


Dean meta - I Need a Hero

The Bunker and the State of Sam and Dean's Relationship (picspam)

Sam meta: Why Sam is unsympathetic

Gif/pic spams

The Other Side & Supernatural My darling counteragent's fan film (The Other Side) with comparison gifs of Supernatural.

Season 7 accommodations (I've just started S8 motels for superwiki entry. I'm determined to complete all seasons on the Wiki).

Murals of SPN

I also participated in Gishwhes this year. It was life affirming experience. Not one I'm likely to do again (so crazy!), but one that gave me a better insight into Misha and general kindness in the world.

That's it! :)

Happy New Year to you all! I hope 2015 is a happy and successful year for each of you.. Thanks for being part of my fandom life. It means a lot to me. *hugs* to all!
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