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I must be mad..

Holy crap. I've just made 62 clips and it's taken me a solid 3 hours. Who does that with their Sundays??! My eyes are killing me.... but I had to take the opportunity while I could..... :) I don't normally vid like that, but I knew all the clips I needed, so just went for it....

Hmmm. My Jo and Ellen vid has stumbled. When you make a vid that you wouldn't want to watch yourself you know it must be dodgy... *sigh* I might see if I can salvage it at some stage.... :(

While I'm here, I want to send massive hugs to all those who gave me warm fuzzies on the vid love meme. I was truly touched. Thanks to sdwolfpup for hosting it. :D

Now for a break.... the sun is shining after all. :)

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