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S10 popularity round up... 
20th-Jan-2015 10:28 pm
Fave episodes eps so far from S10 - according to my episode polls:

In honour of the hiatus coming to an end I thought I'd list the episodes in order of popularity - according to the episode reaction polls:

I'd worked this out (very scientifically!) by adding the percentages of the "awesome" and the "pretty good" options. It's not perfectly accurate (because some voted more than once), but I think it gives a pretty good snap shot of how the episodes were reacted to at the time. The number at the end is how many participated in the poll.

Behind a cut for spoilery summaries.

I'd probably switch a couple, but mostly this reflects my order too.

From the bottom:

9th: (27.2%) Ep 9 - The Things We Left Behind (The one with all the parenting issues) 75

8th: (52.7%) Ep 4 - Paper Moon (The one with the werewolf sisters) 66

7th: (60.5%) Ep 1 - Black (The one where Dean killed everyone! With his singing…) 81

6th: (68.9%) Ep 3 - Soul Survivor (The one where we say bye bye to Demon Dean) 73

5th: (78.7%) Ep 7 - Girls, Girls, Girls (The one with the girls - Hannah, Rowena and those other 2…) 59

4th: (81.5%) Ep 8 - Hibbing 911 (The one where Jody and Donna are kinda like Starsky and Hutch) 64

3rd: (83.1%) Ep 6 - Ask Jeeves (The Clue copy. Also the one with the homosexual murderers. ) 67

2nd: (87.8%) Ep 2 - Reichenbach (The one where Dean plays Crowley, Cole plays Sam and Lester gets played). 82

1st: (90.1%) Ep 5 - Fan Fiction (The one that reminded fans that "you can write your stories and we'll write ours". With singing.) 110

I am going into the second half with absolutely no hopes or expectations. It will be just what it is. I've pretty much lost hope that everything will all connect in some way by the end (including all the unresolved stuff from S8 and S9) so I'll just enjoy the ones that are good (and well written and/or entertaining) and the ones I don't like I'll try not to angst over too much. I'll TRY (can't promise there won't be ranting or tears though…)
20th-Jan-2015 02:32 pm (UTC)
I think the top three are the same order that I would put my favourites.

I got the impression that Ask Jeeves wasn't all that popular at the time actually, but I thought that it was really fun and something a little bit different
20th-Jan-2015 02:38 pm (UTC)
I think I'm one who has enjoyed Ask Jeeves more after I first watched it. (I think being on twitter has helped that for me! *g*). Highly entertaining.

I think I'd put Reichenbach as my No.1, simply because it was so well structured and written. Though Fan Fiction brings tears to my eyes every time I watch it -so that's gotta count for something. :))
20th-Jan-2015 02:55 pm (UTC)
if you throw out the Atrocity from the #1 slot, then the top three is the same for me (although I would put Ask Jeeves above Reichenbach because Ask Jeeves is the only episode this year that I enjoyed watching and then re-watched again)
20th-Jan-2015 10:51 pm (UTC)
Ask Jeeves was a heap of fun! (And I've loved it more since what you guys on Twitter!)
20th-Jan-2015 03:11 pm (UTC)
What a neat thing to see - that really is fascinating!

For me, the top few are right, but I'd want to switch up the rest. Personally I found that Black was the weakest episode, Demon!Dean fell flat but I suspect a lot of this could be due to the amount of spoilers I saw (which I now avoid!)

But yeah, I'm going into the rest of the season the same way that I came in; with no real expectations, but hoping to be entertained :)
20th-Jan-2015 11:09 pm (UTC)
What a neat thing to see - that really is fascinating!

I thought so to. I was interested to see how everyone had voted over the season and I think it's probably a fair representation. Though I know people will have their own version. I was alway amazed how in every poll there would always be opposite reactions (some loved, some hated). Reminds me how much about personal taste it is.

I think the spoilers did take the edge of off Demon!Dean. The promos gave us the worse but in the end he really wasn't that bad. I have a feeling the MOC Dean might be even worse (maybe?!). He was fun to watch though and Jensen did an awesome job being "different".

Here's to entertainment! :D
20th-Jan-2015 03:46 pm (UTC)
I didn't vote in your polls because I'm rarely current with watching. BUT I caught up (finally!) with the first half of the season.

I liked the Jody episode the best, probably because a) I really like Jody and b) she didn't die.
After that, I think Ask Jeeves and Reichenbach were probably the best for me. I did like Girls, Girls, Girls and Paper Moon more than some people I suspect.

I should go back and find out why people didn't like The Things We Left Behind. I mean, I know why it's not the top episode for me, but I thought there were things in there that 'fandom' would like so I'm kind of surprised.

Looking forward to watching tonight's episode hopefully sometime before the internet forgets about it entirely
20th-Jan-2015 11:15 pm (UTC)
Jody is awesome! And I'm so glad they haven't killed her off. And I hope they never do (they seem to be hanging on to recurring characters lately).

I mean, I know why it's not the top episode for me, but I thought there were things in there that 'fandom' would like so I'm kind of surprised.

Not forgetting that most people who follow my journal are Sam and Dean peeps so it might not be surprising it didn't fair too well (considering how much Cas and Crowley there was). Also, my review (or rather "reaction" wasn't exactly glowing (my least fave episode since the S8 mid season finale). I think mostly it was due to it being a let down as a midseason finale. For me it was for lots of reasons but I think the lack of Sam and Dean may have been a factor for some.

I'm looking forward to this episode too. I think! :)
20th-Jan-2015 03:55 pm (UTC)
"Fan Fiction" is the first episode I've rewatched since midway through S7. Sigh. And I rewatched "Ask Jeeves," too! That's already a better track record than I've had with this show since pre-Carver.
20th-Jan-2015 11:17 pm (UTC)
Go you!! But man, I understand. I've said before that I wish I could let it go. But alas. Now I just hope for the occasional great ep (they do come around occasionally) and that Sam gets to speak (wish they came around more often…).

20th-Jan-2015 04:06 pm (UTC)
I'm surprised. I thought Black was really good - it would have been in my top 5, maybe even top 4.
20th-Jan-2015 11:20 pm (UTC)
Yeah, Black didn't rate too highly at the time. I think peeps perhaps wanting more from the season opener than that? Maybe? Not sure… I enjoyed all the Demon!Dean episodes.
20th-Jan-2015 08:23 pm (UTC)
that's interesting. mine are as follows:
1. Ask Jeeves
2. Black
3. Reichenbach

im also going in the 2nd half with no hope, no faith, or expectations, ive realized Spn is lost to me meaning things wont change the way they are now and that i can now go back to watching for the pretty. enjoy the pretty like you said i will do that
20th-Jan-2015 11:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah. Good approach. I keep telling myself it's for the pretty!! I think once I can let it go and not have those high expectations I'll enjoy it more. :) I hope! (I'll always feel a little sad at what's been lost though. We can't take back some of that canon now. Sam will always be the brother who didn't look for Dean and ignored Kevin. Dean will always be the brother who took it upon himself to allow an angel to possess Sam without his knowledge or consent *sigh*)
20th-Jan-2015 09:35 pm (UTC)
Oopsie... looks like I missed your poll, sweetie but here are my two cents to the result...

Hmm... au contraire to your poll result, "Fan Fiction" wouldn't be my #1; yeah it was funny and I giggled about all the subtle little hints for/to/about fandom
- but for me, "The Real Ghostbusters" from season 5 was the better fan-dedicated episode.

So my fave eppy of s10 that far is "Reichenbach" [the kick-ass Deamon + stubborn!Sammeh], followed by "Hibbing 911" [ladies power + Hottie-hugging] and "Ask Jeeves", where Our Boys got a clue in the end.^^
*grins hugely*

Second half of s10? I'm thoroughly with you, having "...absolutely no hopes or expectations," m'dear. Guess we learned our lessons since Carver came back, huh? ;)
*winks & waves*

P.S. I remember in the Good Ole Days, fandom had a saying, when rumours or different headlines were spread to keep fans buzzing:
"In Kripke we trust."
- And in comparison to today, said saying never failed; didn't it?.
20th-Jan-2015 11:28 pm (UTC)
Oopsie... looks like I missed your poll, sweetie but here are my two cents to the result…

They were the once I put with my ep reactions. :) I collated all the info from the past polls. I was very curious to see how all the eps stack up against each other.

Hottie hugging??? Did Sam and Dean hug? *thinks* argh, did I miss that? (not possible!). I can only think of Sam and Dean when you way *hottie* Unless you mean Donna and Jody - I'll totally agree with that! :D

Haha yes!!! I can't recall ever seeing "In Carver we Trust". Not once! I have never trusted anyone less than Carver I have to say. I do trust a couple of the writers though so I do have that to hang on to. :)
21st-Jan-2015 06:04 pm (UTC)
Of course you're right, m'dear Teh Hotties are, indeed our beloved Winchester boys, including Angelbaby, IMO.^^
*drools abt image*
So Hottie hugging = one Hottie gets hugged. At least.
...And in s10e08, both Hotties got hugged - by Jody. ;)
21st-Jan-2015 04:04 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't put Fan Fiction at #1 simply because I think it's a kind of standalone for me - treasured and put aside from any season. So I'd probably put Reichenbach at #1, with Black and Soul Survivor ahead of the rest.
22nd-Jan-2015 12:39 am (UTC)
Cool. I think my list would be similiar. It be interesting, too, to see if in the second half any patterns occur - like 10.10 being not so great and 10.11 being nearly best, etc.
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