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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
Poll 10.18 
17th-Apr-2015 03:49 pm
Nothing but a song
I definitely have stuff I want to say about this episode but I'm so short of time. Just returned from visit my family over east and now getting ready for my daughter's epic 18th party. I'd still love to know what you all thought of 10.18. In short, I loved it. The longer version will contain Sam stuff - and a slightly changed view of the show (or rather, it's clearer to me what they are doing now…)

Poll #2008211 10.18 reaction

I thought 10.18 was:

Awesomesauce!!! Loved it ALLLLLL!!!!
Great! Loved nearly all of it.
Ok. Not everything worked for me.
Meh. Hope it gets better toward the season end
Nope! seriously?! They're going there?
EPIC song choice at the end because ::koff::: I made a vid to it once! :D
17th-Apr-2015 07:11 pm (UTC)
i thought it was ok, while Sam's chat with Charlie was nice, it didnt feel right. here is a quote from njspnfan that sums up what was wrong with that scene-*And Sam.... the scene between him and Charlie was not bad; it was nice to get some dialog/POV about Sam, but this seems like such a rehash of the Sam S3/S4, with absolutely no lessons learned and none of the maturity that Carver has mentioned repeatedly. To me, it seems out of character to the Sam of S8/S9/S10, but I guess most of the fans like this over-romanticized stuff. And Dean's snide comment to Sam was to guilt/drive him to do anything to save Dean - a bit of a rehash of most of S8. The fact that Sam swapped books really wasn't a surprise but, if the book is calling to the MoC, wouldn't Dean know this or is that completely shielded by the warded lead box?
and, This episode firmly established as canon that Sam was wrong for being mad at Dean for having him possessed by an angel without his consent in order to save him. Dean did this out of love and Sam was an asshole for being angry at him. Let's all keep that in mind when everything goes sideways with Metatron, the Styne Family, The Book of the Damned, Rowena, and Sam going dark in order, or under Rowena's spell, to try to save his brother.
my 1 bright spot was the music i do love that, i have those songs on my playlist that i keep
18th-Apr-2015 12:02 am (UTC)
All these concerns are my concerns too. It's what I want to write about when I get a chance…

I'll have to think that once in the box it's shielded from Dean (or, if Dean can feel anything he'll probably think it's something else).

Hmmm, probably best to not get me started on the consent issue or the fact that Dean still hasn't been confronted (by anyone) about that. I'm still working out if Sam's constant backing down and apologising is part of his character "flaw" (they both have 'em) or if it's just their way of smoothing the way for the next part of Sam's struggle.

I'll be curious about how much Sam is "damned" by fandom for his choices - especially as Dean was hailed a hero (by many, not all) after his. Both will do stupid things for each other, as long as perspective remains. If Sam hate starts up again, I'm outta here.
18th-Apr-2015 11:47 am (UTC)
I'm wondering if Dean will get the same the level of hate as Sam did if he's angry at what Sam did to save him and lashes out at him, either verbally or, as we've seen in the past (Metamorphosis) physically. Somehow I doubt it.

It seems to me there is very much a double standard when it comes to the choices and sacrifices the boys make for each other. Dean can do no wrong and Sam, whatever he does, can never do anything right. He'd still be getting bashed if he stood aside and followed Dean's orders about not trying to get rid of the Mark. Poor boy, just can't win.

As much as I love and respect Jared's knowledge of and love or Sam, I will never accept that Sam said what he did to purposely hurt Dean. The "same circumstances, I wouldn't save you." line was a brilliant and gutsy attempt to break the damaging cycle of deal-making and sacrifice that has wrought so much damage on the world and each other. It must have been heartbreaking for Sam to say that, knowing it would (unintentionally) hurt Dean but he did and I applauded and cheered him and loved him even more because of the courage it took to do it.
20th-Apr-2015 07:50 am (UTC)
The "same circumstances, I wouldn't save you." line was a brilliant and gutsy attempt to break the damaging cycle of deal-making and sacrifice that has wrought so much damage on the world and each other.

Exactly that! It's why I loved the line SO much and why I didn't like "I lied" at all. A huge back down on Sam's part - which, I am now seeing is actually part of Sam's character. I don't think Jared sees the whole picture when it comes to Sam - he does see the fan hatred though and I suspect it's been his way of reclaiming the part of Sam that everyone loves - the one that will forgive Dean for whatever he does to him and do anything it takes to save him.

I watched that scene from The Purge and there's a lot of hurt there, but not malicious, throw-away anger.
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