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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
Poll 10.18 
17th-Apr-2015 03:49 pm
Nothing but a song
I definitely have stuff I want to say about this episode but I'm so short of time. Just returned from visit my family over east and now getting ready for my daughter's epic 18th party. I'd still love to know what you all thought of 10.18. In short, I loved it. The longer version will contain Sam stuff - and a slightly changed view of the show (or rather, it's clearer to me what they are doing now…)

Poll #2008211 10.18 reaction

I thought 10.18 was:

Awesomesauce!!! Loved it ALLLLLL!!!!
Great! Loved nearly all of it.
Ok. Not everything worked for me.
Meh. Hope it gets better toward the season end
Nope! seriously?! They're going there?
EPIC song choice at the end because ::koff::: I made a vid to it once! :D
18th-Apr-2015 01:49 am (UTC)
I LOVED Sam confessing how he can't go on without Dean. I flashed back to Dean saying "I can't do it without you," and Sam saying "Yes, you can," and Dean muttering, "Yeah, well I don't' want to" and all my buttons were pushed because THIS is why I love this show. All the suffering, I-will-lay-waste-the-world-for-you co-dependent, obsessive "Wuthering Heights" thing...Every chick-flick moment ever, right here ;)
20th-Apr-2015 08:09 am (UTC)
It had it all, thats for sure! :D Their mess up love for each other is so compelling. :))
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