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just enough to make us dangerous
10.22 poll and, a different approach.. 
14th-May-2015 09:48 pm
Purgatory curious!face Dean
Poll #2011057 10.22 episode reaction

I thought 10.22 was:

Awesome! Intense and everything I expected from the penultimate episode.
Pretty good! The great stuff overshadowed the not so great stuff.
Ok. Not everything I hoped for, but still not entirely bad.
*meh* Aside from one or two moments, I was unimpressed.
Nope. Nope. Haven't we been here before?! Time to change the record. :(

This might not work, but I'm keen to try it. I have a heap of thoughts about this episode. So many I'm not really sure where to start. So, instead of writing it all down, how about you share what you thought and we can chat about it? OR ask me a specific question and I'll answer it. That way the conversation will become the episode reaction. If that makes any sense (if not, I'll write something up later…*g*).

I adore talking about the show and accept the individual responses to it. I won't harsh your squee, nor will I spew rainbows over your discontent. At the moment I'm all over the damn place about the episode. I could squee and I could bitch. I saw brilliance and I saw major fail. I'm just…what is this show?! How dare you make me care so much when I see through your contrivance.

In other words…I need to talk!
15th-May-2015 06:42 am (UTC)
And yet, Cas talks about Dean resisting the mark. "You could resist it for centuries, like Cain" he said. This is Dean resisting the mark? A wholesale bloodbath slaughter, and cold blooded murder of a kid? When Cain resisted the mark for centuries, that meant giving up killing altogether and retiring to the country to keep bees. What more does Dean have to do before they concede he actually isn't resisting the mark? Are they basically saying that anything and everything he does is OK so long as his eyes are the right colour?

That's racist.
15th-May-2015 01:44 pm (UTC)
Good point. I couldn't believe Cas thought that "maybe" Dean was changing. It was so bloody obvious. And CENTURIES of resisting?! He managed 1 season, so that's pretty good going. But Cas, aren't you watching this? He's turned! He won't last another week!
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