ash48 (ash48) wrote,

Screencapping question..

First up! HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS to the gorgeous and supremely talented maichan. Oh man! My LJ life would just not be the same without you hun!!! *snuggles you tight* I wish I had got my act together to make a wee vid for ya sweetie! You'll just have to accept my warmest of wishes and snuggles.

And I got TWO, count 'em, 2!, Christmas cards from her! *dances and feels special*

Now the question....

Could some kind soul please let me know if I need a specific program to make screen caps *feels ridiculously naive*. I started making them with my VLC player, but that's proving to be a pain in the neck. I know I can screen capture in my vidding program, but that seem like a long way around. So, if there a good program to use?

Thanks if someone can assist this newbie. Oh and I use a Mac.

Tags: question
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