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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
11.16 reaction/review 
25th-Mar-2016 11:45 am
Becc_j Art
Firstly *waves*. It feels like ages since I've been here. I confess to feeling very lack lustre in terms of fandom and show lately. I've been checking stuff but not responding or participating. I think I've been feeling a little burnt out maybe? I think I lost a little of the passion (I know I have actually, but hey…11 years is a long time to maintain that level of passion! :D) I've also been burnt by some stuff in fandom (yeah, twitter kinda sucks for that) so I been staying back. What can I say? I'm a sensitive soul…;D)

AaaaaNYWAY! Show returned this week and I'm feeling it again! (hopefully enough to dust of my vidding program and a motel post I've had pending for ages and become a little more active *g*).

What a delightful episode! I loved it. Matching Sam and Dean with Bobby and Rufus was inspired.

The wonderful:

I adored the direction and editing (transitions between S&D and B&R were absolutely wonderful!)

I loved the warmth that Bobby and Rufus brought to the episode (that's possibly nostalgia, but I don't care - I'll take it!). Though maybe it's not just nostalgia. Those two together are great fun. And a reminder that hunters can live past their 30s. Season 20 here we come! (*yikes*).

Show seems to have remembered that the boys working together rather than behind each others' backs for the "good" of the other, makes for better viewing. Thank you!

Dean lost PSR to keep Sam safe again (Dean deliberately losing will always be my head canon :D).

Dean holding his breath and closing his eyes when he saw dead!Sam. A lovely, subtle moment.

Sam cradling Dean at the end was just what my heart needed. Protective brothers is my jam! <3

The music choices were spot on ("Nite Life" by Willie Nelson and "Midnight Rider" by The Allman Brothers Band).

The shining (and positive) love for each other was a standout in this episode.

And many more!

The thinky:

I actually think we're not meant to really think too hard about how this episode worked. Sam's "my head hurts" and Dean's "Let's get drunk and not think about this ever again." was a message from Robbie to say "don't ponder on this too long. I didn't". Ultimately I think the "space-time continumn" was designed simply as a way for Bobby and Dean to see each other. I might be wrong and it's actually a set up for a future episode (which could work actually - might be a place Amara ends up for example? Trapped there? *shrugs*), but I'm not sure they've thought that far ahead.

I was having trouble following how both Bobby and Rufus and Sam and Dean came to the conclusion they were hunting a soul-eater. I just have to accept it, but it did seem weird. Much like the end when Rufus was insisting it was another monster - a baku. Again, this could be setting something up for the future OR it's just something to *handwave*.

Sam's comment at the end was the only moment that felt "off" to me. It seemed like such a strange thing to say. That his death was "comforting". Perhaps deliberately ambiguous? I've seen many theories. Personally, I felt it's about the "normalisation" of seeing one of them dead. As in "oh yeah, that's typical". That is was somehow comforting that Dean saw something familiar to him. It might have also referred to the fact that Dean didn't see Amara as someone he "loves" - so that's comforting to both of them. Maybe? It could just be that death is such a major part of their lives that it no longer freaks them out (though clearly Dean was very freaked out). But I'm not quite sure who was supposed to be comforted by it. I sure wasn't!

I've been pondering the title "Safe House". Didn't seem like a particularly safe house to me (so ironic maybe?). Though I figure it was to do with the soul-eater telling Sam that he could keep Dean safe from The Darkness in the nest. That he could keep both of them safe. Clearly the soul-eater doesn't know the Winchesters that well. Safe is not an option.

Curious that even the soul-eater knows the darkness is free and Dean wants to go to her.

Sam being able to look up MoL info on the internet (or directly on his computer maybe?) suggests he's digitised it all? Or was that stuff already available on a website maybe (yeah, yeah, I know it was there for convenience, but it does make me wonder how it all got there).

And there was further confirmation that Dean's soul is left vulnerable without Sam. Sam said the soul eater messes with the victims and they see people they love which makes their soul vulnerable - which is exactly what happened to Dean when he was in the nest. I wonder if that will become important later on...

So. Another great S11 episode. :D This one is definitely shaping up to be my favourite since Carver took over. At least the boys do actually seem to be on the same page. At this point in time I do believe that neither of them are hiding a secret from the other. Will wonders never cease?! :D
25th-Mar-2016 04:22 am (UTC)
That last comment of Sam's—it did play a little oddly, but for me, it was pretty clear because I was very focused on Sam's concern over Dean's state of mind.

I read it this way: it was comforting because, after what happened with the banshee (and they deliberately used the term "vulnerable" again), Sam thought maybe it would have been Amara that Dean saw when under the thrall of the soul-eater. But instead, it was Sam—which is as it should be, as the reverse would have been for Sam. So it was a confirmation that even though Dean is "under the influence," as it were, he's not completely lost. Sam is still his anchor, his touchstone, and they're still each other's "stone number one."

The thing that was striking to me is that a) Dean would admit what he actually saw (so many times in the past, he would have denied it or made a joke), and b) that Sam admitted he was hoping for the answer he got.

Edited at 2016-03-25 04:22 am (UTC)
25th-Mar-2016 11:02 am (UTC)
I interpreted it this way, too. It was good news that Dean saw a dead Sam, since it means he has his priorities straight!

I'm finding them almost out-of-character open with each other – it's a bit bizarre (in a good way).
25th-Mar-2016 11:23 am (UTC)
Thank you. Yes, I agree. :) I actually wonder if there might have been some dialogue cut just before that line (or something). I think it played oddly because it felt it came out of the blue. I think also (as Zebra says below), their honesty with each other is feels pretty unusual in itself. I was taken a back that Dean actually admitted to what he say. I was thrilled that he told the truth to Sam - and that Sam chill with it.
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