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11.18 reaction.

Short and (not so) sweet.

On the positive side, I liked the scene inside Cas's head (I can't believe what a relief it was to see Misha playing Cas again) and it's always great to see Mark. :)

On first viewing I didn't like Sam and Dean bickering over what to do with Cas but on second viewing (yes, I watched it twice because I hated it so much the first time - I needed to give it another chance and I have to say on second viewing I felt a little better about it. Not great, but better), it makes some sense that Sam would defend Cas's right to choose his course of action (even though I can't understand why Cas took on Lucifer to fight and yet we see him totally disinterested in fighting *shrugs*). Sam knows about choice and having it taken away from yhim. I suppose the argument is that when someone makes a "bad" choice it should be overridden, but I'm glad to see Sam acknowledge it (and time choice is mentioned I'm happy about it). Though, even after 2 viewings I'm not really sure what their final conversation meant. I think it's that if one of them (including Cas) makes a bad choice it can be disregarded. I think? They made a pact about that earlier? Or just then? I iz confused!

Seeing Rowena back didn't surprise me at all. In fact, I had so much eye-roll it was probably the thing that put me in a bad mood for the rest of the ep (*ugh* a spell in her leg). Death means nothing so it doesn't really hold a threat (well, unless it's handled like last week's episode).

Lucifer is God's the first son? I thought that was Michael? Or is age irrelevant when you're an archangel? In other words - a screw up that was missed by, well, everyone on the team.

I was pissed that it made Sam seem as though he doesn't care for Cas at all. With all Dean's (and only Dean's) "CAAASSS!" pleads and Sam pretty much being ignored by both Lucifer (clearly no long his plaything) and Cas ("I saw Dean" "Dean wants me to expel him?" - Well duh Cas. No he wants you to sit on your thumbs and let Lucifer and Amara burn the world), Sam was easily sidelined (though nice exorcism there Sam!).

The myth arc has totally lost me. There's little to no tension (I just wasn't feeling any urgency from any of them. But, I accept that was probably me projecting). There are some writers who can pull of good myth arc eps, but not these two. I just don't get why they give Buckner/Ross-Leeming these big eps. Maybe no one else wants them? It makes me worry for the finale. There will be a resolution (of sorts) of all this stuff and as I really don't care what happens. I fear I will be left non-plussed - again.

But! There's been more good than bad this season so I can happily let it go. I always hope that they will surprise us (which I know they are capable of!) so I'll hang on to that. *g*
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