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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
11.20 reaction 
5th-May-2016 11:07 pm
That's Just not right
A very short, very negative reaction. Please be warned (I mean it. Not a happy camper - so, you know, don't click).

(*meep* and my comments are full of unmitigated bitterness too. So yeah. Don't read! You know the drill!)

That, quite possibly, has become the most rage inducing episode for me in the history of the show.

All I can say is FUCK THEM and their manipulative, canon and character destroying bullshit. I used to like Robbie, but now I'm just *side eyeing*

(I had a heap of stuff written up but I just couldn't post it. Too ragey and messy. I hope to gather myself and write a constructive crit on why that episode was the ultimate in mockery and manipulation. Or maybe it will come up in comments).

(and no, Dean calling "SAAAM!" didn't make things better - though the hair petting went some way in helping...;D)

ETA: Dammit, I have to add - making God real is the single worse thing they could ever have done. Just think about what he's allowed Sam and Dean to suffer (Rape, torture, loss etc etc). And think about how, with a snap of his finger he could change EVERYTHING. Every. Single, Thing. Curious to see how they write themselves out of that one.
5th-May-2016 04:18 pm (UTC)
I sympathise completely for I've felt like this since the first episode of season eight when Carver didn't allow Sam to look for Dean in Purgatory.

I'm not going to deny there have been some good and even wonderful bro-moments since then, but the lolcanon and poor, poor writing really depressed me, thinking back to how intense the brotherly bond once was.

However, I totally agree that God should have stayed mysterious, at most Chuck could have taken over as his mouthpiece, much as Joshua did in DSOTM.

I was afraid this would happen.
I didn't want God to come into play, but if it did I'd have wanted someone far more interesting and charismatic than Chuck.

Anyhow I feel your pain.
I keep watching for the brothers and only for them. Their relationship is unique for a TV series and I'll stand with them till the bitter end. (hoping it's not TOO bitter!)
6th-May-2016 12:58 am (UTC)
I confess I have been feeling some sort of simmering anger ever since Carver made Sam neglect, not just his brother, but Kevin and all those in need. Character assignation on a grand scale.

I won't deny either that there have been some wonderful episodes. Especially this last season.

I suppose I should be grateful that at least the episode didn't have the brothers at each other's throats. That was nice. :)

A mysterious, enigmatic God is just so much more powerful. I liked not knowing for sure who/what he/she was. I loved the possibilities of what could be done. Now the character is a man, a man who sings at conventions. He's annoying and basically a dick like all the other angels and demons in this verse. Which - I suppose is true to the story. Only people are celebrating his return as though he's some sort of good guy.

Yikes. Sorry, seems my bitterness has carried on this morning.

The brothers and their relationship is what still keeps me hooked. At least it doesn't seem to be heading to a S9 or s10 type finale where a whole season of distrust is bandaged over with a line or sacrificial act.
6th-May-2016 06:30 am (UTC)
To be honest, I wasn't happy with Amara being God's sister either, not for any religious aspect, merely because when you hit the highest note on the scale where do you go from there?
But at least God himself was still a nebulous entity.
Now thay have incarnated him in Chuck, a guy as you say, organises shoddy conventions and dates Becky, etc.

Anyway now that Carver has really given us God, where else is there to take the story?.
Is there someone/thing more powerful than God and Amara?

All I hope is that they don't do something terrible like cancelling out all that's gone before and changing the time-line as God's last gift to the brothers!

As for you being bitter, I've been lurking on and off and I have to say you've always tried to be fair and optimistic even when there have been iffy episodes. So kudos to you.

I, on the other hand, have been pretty bitter since season eight. lol.
Unlike many, I really loved season six and most of seven, so....

If you're ever interested in giving my short fic a browse that features Chuck as I see him, and consequently as the brothers do. :- http://archiveofourown.org/works/3269477

Thanks for replying and I hope these writers can surprise us next season, in a good way of course.
Cheers. :)

7th-May-2016 03:06 am (UTC)
Is there someone/thing more powerful than God and Amara?

Their parents. ;) (and if they go there I know the show is well and truly taking taking the piss).

you've always tried to be fair and optimistic even when there have been iffy episodes. So kudos to you.

Thank you! I try to keep this place free of hate but open to discuss why something didn't work. We all have things we enjoy and not enjoy on the show. I just love discussing it.:)

Unlike many, I really loved season six and most of seven, so....

I did too! Very much.

And thanks of the link! I'll take a read. :)
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