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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
11.20 reaction 
5th-May-2016 11:07 pm
That's Just not right
A very short, very negative reaction. Please be warned (I mean it. Not a happy camper - so, you know, don't click).

(*meep* and my comments are full of unmitigated bitterness too. So yeah. Don't read! You know the drill!)

That, quite possibly, has become the most rage inducing episode for me in the history of the show.

All I can say is FUCK THEM and their manipulative, canon and character destroying bullshit. I used to like Robbie, but now I'm just *side eyeing*

(I had a heap of stuff written up but I just couldn't post it. Too ragey and messy. I hope to gather myself and write a constructive crit on why that episode was the ultimate in mockery and manipulation. Or maybe it will come up in comments).

(and no, Dean calling "SAAAM!" didn't make things better - though the hair petting went some way in helping...;D)

ETA: Dammit, I have to add - making God real is the single worse thing they could ever have done. Just think about what he's allowed Sam and Dean to suffer (Rape, torture, loss etc etc). And think about how, with a snap of his finger he could change EVERYTHING. Every. Single, Thing. Curious to see how they write themselves out of that one.
6th-May-2016 01:45 am (UTC)
Yep. God doesn't like Sam. Much like I'm sure the writers don't. Just when I thought they'd turned a corner in that area. Robbie's little jabs at all sorts of things (because everything in that 4th wall breaking opening half was Robbie making some comment about Kripke and writing and fans etc etc. I saw a lovely tweet on twitter saying it was like walking in on someone masturbating. No wonder I felt so awkward during those scenes).

It amazed me how God honed in on that one thing (Sam not being able to live with demon!dean so it's all his fault!) and NOTHING else that Sam has sacrificed for HIS world. Argh. My anger knows no bounds with this.

Aaanyway. It looks like it was loved by many (even though the ratings were the lowest in forever) and that's great. Loving an ep is always more satisfying.
6th-May-2016 02:11 am (UTC)
I think I hated the blaming Sam even more than I hated Chuck being God. Most of the reason I didn't want Chuck to be God was because of Chuck's speech at the end of Swan Song where he was obviously happy that Sam would be trapped and suffering for all eternity while Dean got to live every dream Sam ever had and would, let's face it, eventually recover and be happy or at least happyish. Chuck feeling that way wasn't great, but God feeling that way was horrible to me.

Then he just leaves Sam or at least Sam's soul stuck with Lucifer and does NOTHING to help him. And no watching Cas botch the job doesn't help at all!

A lot of this has to do with my personal conception of God, which doesn't jibe with an individual entity and certainly doesn't jibe with a God who knowingly leads people to suffer to see how things work out and then blithely moves on, never looking back.
6th-May-2016 02:25 am (UTC)
I've also mused how much my personal beef with God has tainted this episode. Or rather, shaped my reaction to it. God has SO much to answer for and if you have that character on the screen it needs to be addressed more than just "I'm sick of being blamed" etc. But it's TV show and I appreciate they can't do that. It's also why I jut didn't want him to turn up as a "man".

It means he knew everything that Sam and Dean (and the world) has suffered and it's simply unforgivable. As you say, a prophet writing those words is acceptable. God writing them simply is not (not if you love these characters anyway).

If it ends with God and Amara leaving the world for good though, it might be a good resolution (taking all the angels and demons with them ;D).
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