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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
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17th-May-2016 06:10 pm (UTC)
They could have such great storylines if they decided to look a bit into how Sam is feeling. About meeting God, who left him to rot in the Cage for eons and apparently always ignored his prayers (and aww, I didn't catch that Sam assumed they got lost in the spam - oh Sammy. So heartbreaking!). About how he feels 'bout having to save Lucifer, his rapist and abuser. And having him in their car, in their home. Jared can definitely portray Sam and his inner turmoil perfectly. And turmoil there is in Sam, I'm sure of it. They could have such perfect, deep, meaningful psychological drama, and yet, Sam and his feelings get mostly ignored. Why, I'm asking myself?

It's just like S7 all over again. They had got such an interesting storyline with Sam's Hell visions and Lucifer hallucinations in the beginning of the season, and then they dropped it. And I liked Sam's scenes in the Born-again Identity, but there just was so.much.more they could have done with the whole story!!

Anyway. I'm just taking away all the little hurt!Sam nudges we get, and loving them. And for the rest, there's head canons and fan fiction ;D
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