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11.22 reaction

Warning for negativity (though I'm probably more bewildered and sarcastic than anything else). I want to be squeeful. I do! I really really do! But.../o\

Remember that episode where Sam and Dean were driving a different car - not the Impala? And then Sam lost at Rock Paper Scissor? Then Ellen appeared as Bobby's wife and it was like WTF, that's not right?!! And then we find out they are living in an alternate reality? (My Heart Will Go On - 6.17)

That's what's happening here isn't it? Somehow a different reality is playing out and next week the joke will be on us. Yes? The trickster will appear with a "tricked ya!"?

In this reality Sam didn't go to hell for years and years (and years!) being raped and tortured by Lucifer. Nor did he consequently be fucked over mentally by him (twice!). In this reality Sam and Dean are fine with making chit chat with Lucifer and God - playing the "comic relief" counsellors. And Sam is totally fine with Lucifer using his bedroom (and probably sleeping in his bed). In this reality all they want is for Lucifer and God to apologise to each other - hug and make up (because in this reality neither God or Lucifer or Crowley or Rowena or any supernatural-being have royally SCREWED THEM OVER! AND OVER!).

This is a nice reality. Sam and Dean get to sit back and watch heaven and hell family dramas play out. Get to watch the tearful confessions of these sad, sympathetic supernatural beings. They even don't mind being zapped about by God (bless 'em. They just take it in their stride). They are not traumatised by their past. In fact, they're pretty damn chipper. Dean even calmly allows Sam to take on the Mark (because in this universe Dean didn't have the Mark previously to understand how damning and horrible it really is).

In this universe God cooks pancakes whilst millions of people around the world starve. And pray (he's currently not listening because his son is a wee bit upset with him).

It's also wonderful to know that the world is ending and the chances are no one else is even noticing (a gaping big hole in the sky followed by a last of white light. I wonder if that even made the news?)

In this universe God can "nearly" die (dammit!). The Mark can easily transfer from Amara to Sam. And Lucifer is a good guy - who just wants his dad's love. *throws confetti*

And in this universe Sam and Dean don't have a voice. Don't have emotion. Don't have a past.

I seriously don't know how to even process this episode. I think it's possibly the most insane episode in the entire series. And maybe that's the point. It's such a HUGE, epic story. It's a story about darkness and light, God and his Sister, The King of Hell and his Mother, an absent father and his wayward (sadistic/rapist) son - and two lowly, heroic human beings. Maybe it's supposed to be too big to process. Maybe, as a viewer, I am suppose to be left on the sidelines like Sam and Dean because what the hell do we do with this?

Do we have to care about God? A being who knowing left Sam to rot in Hell, who abandoned Dean over and over.

Do we have to care about Lucifer? A sadistic being who has hurt Sam and Dean more than we can even fathom.

Do we have to care about poor Crowley? Who's killed and tortured countless innocent people - including the lovely Sarah.

Do we have to care about Rowena? Who betrayed Sam and allowed Lucifer to get his claws in him again.

Maybe we have to care about Cas? Who felt unloved and took on Lucifer to feel needed - to make a difference. Atone for his mistakes (and I'm not a fan of Cas, but boy if I was I would be pissed at his treatment this season - as it is I'm pretty damn pissed).

Maybe we have to care about Sam and Dean. Who decide that at the end of the day to throw caution (and trauma) to the wind and get everyone who has ever betrayed them into a room to make some plan to defeat an all powerful being (who Dean is attracted to) who hates his brother (who happens to be God).

Is that the point? That Sam and Dean are such amazing heroes to be able to do this? To put everything past them (once again) to save the world?

*sigh* I don't know. I'm not even mad or sad or frustrated after that episode. It was such a monumental cluster fuck that I'm either so stupid that the significance went over my head or it was just. Stupid. And boring. And non sensical. Argh! I don't know! Why aren't I getting it?!!!

The good bits?

Crowley saying "I want to make Hell Great Again" (BRILLIANT!)

and there was this little moment. This moment amongst all the weirdness when Amara and God were talking were I actually got the real sense of why God made the planet. It was the line about him wanting to be great and important. To make this "thing" so he could be lord. It was existential and it's where the show (or Beren's) wanted this all to go. It felt significant. But it was then blown away with, idk, insanity - Dean being drawn to Amara (and how weird is all that stuff now?) and Sam taking the Mark (WTF?!) and Lucifer exiting Cas (to where?) and 4 witches being killed (but not Rowena?). Just nuts.

And the red sky. That was nice.

I had this weird sense that Berens was being somewhat passive/aggressive with this episode. That he was given this mytharc to sort out and just shook his head and said "ok. You want that crap sorted out? Take this". I like Berens a lot. His episodes have ALWAYS made sense. Just not this one. :( (It passed the Bechdal test though, so there's that).

As I said on twitter. I love this show. I appreciate the talent and the effort that everyone puts into it. But on what planet, what universe did that episode fit into? If someone can shed light I am all ears!
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