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12.06 reaction/review

I'm knee deep in report writing at the moment so this is brief...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED that episode. Every single minute of it. :D

You know, as much as I love eps that feel like old school eps I think I enjoy episodes that reference them just as much. I love seeing that Sam and Dean have changed from those early days, but that those days are not forgotten. I ADORED the "then" segment - so many memories from the past - Wendigos, Ellen and The Roadhouse, hunter gatherings, good old fashioned exorcism, that meat suits are human!! (yay!)

I loved the opening montage. It captured Asa's story beautifully. His sudden death made me gasp out loud - so unexpected.

I LOVED that the brothers are hunting legends (as they should be!) and not generally hated in the community (as the sense we've been given so many times).

Jody, Mary and Billie in the one episode!!! \o/ I love these ladies to pieces. I really love what they are doing with Mary. Jody is always wonderful (I loved her reaching out to Dean) and of course Billie has a great presence as a reaper

Loved the hunting twins! (now there's a spin off I might actually watch)

Dean calling out Sam when he was locked outside and then demanding to be let in. <3 x 10000000

Sam's possession by Lucifer mentioned (again!). I have no idea what they're planning to do with this (if anything), but I love that it's being addressed. More recently it's been addressed in a way that makes Sam out to be a hero, not a betrayer as they have done in the past.

I love that Sam is empathic to Mary. And that he understands Dean. *happy sigh* I am so happy they are giving us a Sam I truly recognise this season. <3

Smart boys! Proud Mary! Hunting Families! A (semi) happy ending! So much to love.

The writing, pacing, direction, acting, secondary and side characters - all on point.

I'm loving these new writers. They are a breath of fresh air. And they have done their homework (clearly those early eps stuck with them *g*).

Thanks Show. I needed a feel-good ep this week. <3
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