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12.07 reaction

Sam. Fucking. Winchester.





Credit: Semirahrose

I LOVED this moment so much. This is the Sam I know and love. His sheer will power had enough strength to fight against Lucifer's supernatural power. What a hero! <3

Even though I didn't find the episode riveting I thought it was a very good episode. Berens always manages to make me like the myth arc much more than I usually do. I thought it was well handled and he gave each character some important notes. That Lucifer speech at the end must have made Rick Springfield giddy with joy. They're rare in TV I think. Rick delivered it perfectly.

I like that Lucifer doesn't have a plan - just random havoc. It helps make sense of why he kept them all alive (something that continually bugs me). He wants to make them suffer by making them watch what he's doing.

I'm even enjoying Cas and Crowley working together. :) I particularly liked this shot:

12.07 Cas & Crowley in doorway

Just something about these two powerful supernatural beings made to look so small (and ineffectual) after Sam and Dean leave them. It was amusing and quite poignant.

Dean totally rocked the leather jacket and sunglasses! So good to see the boys dressed in leather. *SWOON* More please!

(As I said on twitter) - I don't want to say how much I'm loving s12 for fear of jinxing it. I don't want to jinx it!
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