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12.12 reaction

I know I shouldn't post this reaction because I really didn't like that episode but I feel the need to work out my thoughts so I'll put it here.

Please don't click and read if you loved it (and I know many did - I'm against the stride with this one *g*). I just feel like I'm getting closer and closer to being completely done.

I blame myself of course. Last week I was saying how much I'm enjoying the nostalgia and I've been saying how much I've loved what they are doing with Mary. I even said how much I have been enjoying this season. I'm not really sure how one episode changed all that for me. That episode left me angry and bitter and reminded me of the feelings I've had in the past with this show.

I'm overreacting of course, but I usually do when I feel this let down after an episode.

Up until now I have been enjoying Mary's journey. It's made so much sense to me - her feeling of not fitting in, her needing distance from her boys to understand herself, burying herself in hunting to feel connected etc. But her actions in this episode not only didn't make sense, they created an aspect of her character that I wasn't ready for.

She not only lied to her sons in order to get them involved in a hunt, she risked their lives for an object that she gave to people who tortured her son (and really? the colt? An object from the past that was SO important to the storylines. And now....Ugh). She also didn't come clean when their lives were threatened and she brushed Sam off when he asked after her. I almost thought she was possessed, but instead they have decided to create the usual "Winchester drama" by making her truly awful. Until now I could defend her characterisation - in fact I have a few times. I've loved the 3D characterisation and the (what looked like) exploration of motherhood. But nope. She went from someone who needed some time to someone who lied and betrayed the two people she needs to trust and should protect.

She also got a hunter killed (one that wasn't prepared for what he was facing) and she was prepared to let Cas die. Man, her priorities suddenly became very screwed up. Did I want Mary to be a good guy? You betchya. I wasn't at all prepared for her to be part of the "big bads" this season. :(

And the thing is...why? What made her side with her son's tortures over her sons? What made her think that killing all monsters is better than being loyal? What made her give over the colt after every thing that went down? Also, why weren't her reasons shown to us? Why not show us her journey to these decisions...

And yeah sure. It will be about her redeeming her mistakes but I'm just so over this direction - making people dicks and then they make some mighty sacrifice to make it all right. Either that or they'll follow the other Campbells and she'll just die and instead of feeling sad about that we'll be cheering.

Part of me hopes there is a major reveal about this (she's soulless maybe? Perhaps she's soul damaged? Not returned complete?), but I also know that it's more likely it's about redemption and I'm so done with that.

I am so angry in this direction (but I will forgive all if we get a really (really!) good reason for this).

I also found the dying Cas scenario tedious. Mainly because we knew he wasn't going to die but he got to make a cheesy death-bed speech nonetheless. I actually thought they were actually going to do it - kill him - but oh look at that! A miracle cure. I know this is because I have (sadly) lost any feelings for Cas. I really didn't care about his situation so it made it hard to watch. And damn that makes me sad. :(

Another thing that I found weird was that I would normally be ALL OVER a Tarantino homage. I love (most of) his films. In the beginning I was very excited by the direction but as the episode wore on it just annoyed me - especially the repeats of scenes we'd already seen. It also seemed to diffuse the tension (that and the music). This is a purely personal response and I do appreciate that an attempt was made to be creative and different.

I also should have been excited to see Mark back as Lucifer but by then I was too pissed off to care. I then thought why is he in Mark's suit again? I am assuming it's like Cas - he can somehow choose which suit he prefers.

Overall I just found it pretty tedious and annoying. I would have just brushed it off as an ep that didn't do it for me (which is actually ok with me these days - I accept there will be some eps in a season that I don't like) but it was what they did with Mary that had me steaming.

To be honest I think mostly I'm kinda just over it all. If I can't enjoy an episode with a lot of the regular side characters then I'm kinda doomed. We'll see. Give me a good reason for Mary and it will restore my faith.

I just hope they have a few more MoTW eps to come - more and more the myth arc eps - or the ones with Crowley, Cas and Rowena - are just not doing it for me. *unhappy sigh*

(Oh, on the positive side - Sam got to be badass and killed the demon (who wasn't actually bad until Mary stole from him) and Dean killed a demon to save Sam. The cafe scene was cute (when the camera stayed still) and there were some stunning cinematic moments. *g*)
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