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Warning folks. Don't enter if you don't want negativity. I stopped myself from saying too much on twitter because followers don't have a choice about seeing stuff there. Here ya do. So heed the warning because it ain't pretty...

Here's the thing. If I wanted to watch a show about teenage angst I would make that choice and seek out (other) shows in order to watch it. That felt like I tuned into teen werewolf soap opera - and not a good one.

I understand that this show explores the human condition but damn, do they have to make it so boring?

I have come to care ZERO about Claire and therefore her predicament didn't engage with me at all. Why have they made her so unlikable? I mean insulting Sam (and Dean) does not help exactly endear us to her. Let alone her continual "I'm better than anyone" attitude. Every time we see her she's the same. She seems to "learn" and then returns to being a brat.

Anyway. It wasn't just her that made the episode awful, it was all just soooo boring. There was very little tension and Sam and Dean were barely a feature - guest stars in their own show. Sure, it was lovely seeing them all caring for their surrogate daughter - but I DIDN'T SIGN UP FOR THAT!! WHAT HAPPENED TO THE GRITTY HORROR?

Aaaanyway....Things that I didn't mind so much:

- that BMoL are still an enigma (I have no idea which way they're going with them and that's a little intriguing).

- I liked Adam Fergus' performance as Mick Davies. His conflicting emotions were clear and I suspect he'll turn on the BMoL in the future (or something like that).

- they mentioned the "shades of grey" from season 2. I know that's what they've been hinting at all this time so it was good to have that at least fully addressed.

- that they stayed in a classy motel (though chocolates on the pillow sound more like 5 star not 3 star). It was a nice way of reminiscing what this show used to be like...;D

Aaaand...I think that's it. It's great to have the show back, but DAMN I can't wait until at least one episode with just Sam and Dean, on the road, solving a case. I know those episodes will be few and far between now because they now have 3 CHILDREN each - but I hope we at least get a few.

Is it just me or is S12 a bit of a muddle? I'm not sure it knows what its focus or story line is. BMoL? Mary? Lucifer and Crowley? Lucifer's baby? Cas and Heaven? And where do Sam and Dean fit in all at? They seem like observers at the moment - characters passing through all these other storylines. Maybe it'll all come together somehow at the end (forever hopeful *g*)
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