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12.17 reaction

Better late than never?

To be honest I didn't feel like I had much to say on this episode and so I didn't posted anything. But because I am slightly OCD I can't miss posting something about 12.17 (there would be a gap and I just can't have that *g*).

Actually, I'm still stuck for what to say. There were some bits I really liked - Eileen mostly - but essentially I just didn't connect with the episode at all. There was precious little SamnDean *sadface* and all the side stories just left me a little cold. I'm puzzled why so much (and so many characters) had to be crammed into the one episode - Eileen, Mick, BMoL, Crowley, Lucifer, Mary, Ketch and, er, Sam and Dean. Mick's story alone would probably have been enough to tackle. They were building his backstory nicely and then... BHAM! Dead.

I think I was supposed to feel sympathetic toward Mick but I struggled because I just couldn't get past the fact he killed his best friend when he was a child. I know the poor guy was being horribly manipulated by the (simply AWFUL) BMoL but to actually have it in him to kill his best friend... I struggled to sympathise (though I loved what the actor did with the character in his short time).

And don't even get me started on what they are doing with Mary. I saw this interesting post on tumblr about the inconsistencies of Mary's characterisation this season. I agree with much of this. I have been bouncing between being really interested in what they are doing and being horrified. Sam and Dean are now working with the BMoL so why is she still not working with them? I totally understood her needing some time to adjust but being totally aloof with her boys just doesn't work now.

I enjoyed the connection between Eileen and Sam - it was sweet, but I worry that if they become an item later on some horrible fate will become her. So let's just hope they remain friends and just a fellow hunter. :)

Anyway. I'm now just hanging out for those rare MoTW gems. Sam and Dean don't have a storyline this season - which has its upside in that they aren't at odds with each other - but it also makes it hard for me to actually connect with some of the episodes. Still, I like the boys in the screen so I'm still here! :D
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