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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
A thank you post 
19th-Jul-2017 06:53 pm
Ain't heavy
I'm not on LJ much these days - and unless S13 really (really!) inspires the past passion I once had for the show, I'm not sure that I'll be back.

I do want to give a HUGE shout out to some very special peeps who are keeping the spn_littlebro archive still running. Photobucket recent screwed up the photo links we had to the site and ayane42 had worked hard to restore the images. She's also kept the newsletter going and making sure there are stories record to the site and newsletter. <3 Thanks also to wetsammy for her fabulous work on the littlebro tumblr site and to the wonderful madebyme for her continuing recs to the archive.

Thanks guys! *HUGS*

In the land of me - I'm doing fine. :) Working hard. Playing hard-ish. ;) I'm missing the passion I once possessed for the show and fandom. I do hope it will return one day, but if it doesn't I have extremely wonderful memories of the time I once had.
21st-Jul-2017 08:50 am (UTC)
The whole team has been doing a wonderful job!

They have indeed!

How is everything going with the bar?

It's been a crazy adventure. Our customers are growing - which is good - but we still need a few more to start making any sort of profit. Hopefully soon! :D It's been an interesting journey.

I'm actually looking forward to S13. I think I might just watch it as a casual fan and not get to caught up in all the negativity I see around the place (mostly twitter) - I also love seeing the boys on the screen. :D

Thanks again for all your recs on the comm. <333
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