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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
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13th-Oct-2017 10:48 pm
Now & Then
Show is back \o/. Initially I didn't think I had much to say about this episode, but I've pondered on it over the last couple of hours since watching and there's a couple of things I have to say it seems...*g*

it was different, but actually it was the much the same...Collapse )
17th-Oct-2017 10:45 pm (UTC)
I was curious how they were going to deal with the fallout in the season finale and was pleasantly surprised. Mind you, this is tempered by the fact that I expect so little of the show these days. But I thought it was a relatively strong episode, and largely because of the supporting characters.

Jack was ok, though I also felt a resemblance to Cas in both his appearance and portrayal. But I quite liked the sheriff, and the lead angel who I felt was appropriately misleading, coming off more as a demon. I'd like to think the sheriff might return as part of Jodie's eventual law-officers-in-the-know network.

I thought Sam and Dean played to type, and also felt the resemblance to Home in Dean's God appeal. What struck an odd note to me was his mentioning Crowley several times. Obviously he's become an on-again/off-again ally and Dean might have learned to prefer the reliability of the demon you know (much like Crowley himself knew he was better off on their side than not). But since when would Dean mourn one's death and want him back?

My only niggle ('cause you know there will always be one - or a hundred ;D), is that the angels fight like they are mortals.

God yes, it seems no matter how strong any opponent is supposed to be, Sam and Dean go in swinging and don't get broken to pieces with a single blow the way they're supposed to. The show is so lazy this way. Consider how Lucifer just tossed Mary aside to the ground rather than, you know, 5000 feet. And he's an archangel. I was irritated by this as well. To me it really reduced the effect of Jack not being killed by the angel sword, because you see one yanking the jail cell door from its hinges and then it only gives Sam a little mouth bleed.
21st-Oct-2017 09:34 am (UTC)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the ep. Good to know you're still watching. :) I'm not nearly has invested as I used to be so it's probably making it easier for me to watch now. I've accepted that some episodes will be strong and some won't. I also expect seasons to start strong and waver slightly as they go on. The show suffers from not having one writer - or one clear vision. Each writer brings their own ideas to the show and sometimes they don't match other writers.

and then it only gives Sam a little mouth bleed.

Yes. I felt sure that Sam would be near dead with those punches. As list a broken jaw. Seems they just have to hit hard enough to produce enough blood for them to create a angel banishing sigil (you'd think they'd pass the message around to make sure they don't bleed. Still no idea why the angels and demons just don't kill them).

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