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13.02 a few things...

Another rather enjoyable episode. (Tho my heart sank when I saw who wrote the episode (yep, the infamous Duo), but it held together fairly well. :)

Sam's hair is on point this season (yay!). Dean's ruggedly handsome face is also on point I gotta say. These guys are ageing gracefully that's for sure (and for hunters that's quite amazing).

Stuff I liked: All the Sam 'n Dean and Jack stuff. Donatello (cute), the hotel (always love seeing that well used bedhead. And the red colour has been used before - notably in "Sex and Violence". And I always love it when they show the hotel sign. I think I have a thing for hotel signs!) and the arrival of Michael - that was cool.

I love that Sam and Dean can TALK about not being on the same page but still be ok with it. Sam supporting Dean is cool and Sam seeing himself in Jack is very cool. Jack continues to be intriguing - kudos again to the actor pulling this off very well. I think the scene with Jack mimicking Dean was my fave. Jack desperately wants Dean's approval (like Dean wanting John's) - some nice parallels there. Dean is conflicted -and is probably already thinking about the time when Sam was in that dangerous place of perhaps becoming "evil". Sam is definitely thinking about that.

Stuff that was ho hum: Hell (why are demons SO boring and ineffectual these days? ), Lucifer (boo. I used to love Lucifer) and human vs demon fist fight (I'm just going to accept that Sam and Dean have super powers now and resist any punch or strangulation from an angel or demon).

Stuff I scratched my head over: Sam checking John's journal for lore on all this stuff. This seems weird to me. Did John keep notes on angels? I seem to remember John barely believed the YED was a thing - let alone angel lore. I suppose I can accept that John wrote down a lot of things he didn't really have an understanding about - just stuff he studied trying to figure out what was going on with Sam all those years ago.

I am hoping we can have a run-of-the-mill MoTW episode soon. Though, I get the feeling this may be a heavily driven myth arc season? Dunno. I like the potential of the alternative universe. Makes me wonder if there's an alternative Sam and Dean there (that would be cool!). I suspect there's an alt-Cas there (or the real Cas probably). It allows for all sorts of "dead" characters to re-appear. I hope they make better use of it than they did Purgatory. Some great potential that's for sure. :)
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