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I'm popping in because I feel like I need to write more than twitter will allow me (where I pretty much live now in terms of fandom).

I'm ALSO here because I loved that ep to the point of needing to post (wow, long time since that's happened).'s why I loved it soooo much:

Fair warning. I had approximately 3 glasses of wine before I watched this episode. I'm also in a rather happy place (for no particular reason other than it's Friday and the stars are probably aligning or something) so chances are I enjoyed this more than I might have done if those things hadn't happened. Maybe?

I also DIDN'T READ REACTIONS BEFORE I WATCHED IT. Wow, that can make a difference. The amount of "Dean wouldn't do that" or "Sam didn't get a story line" comments I read before I've seen the ep has been spoiling it for me. No one's fault, other than mine for checking reactions.


1. SAM AND FUCKING DEAN! The beginning of the episode transported me back to Tall Tales. It was light hearted and quirky, with an underlining menace. When horror (the bludgeoning of a poor bystander) is met with that "merry" musical underscore there's this lovely discomfort that Supernatural (when it's bloody got it!) does brilliantly. But it was Sam's "Leave him alone", followed but them wrestling (!!) that had me squeeing. I MISS THIS!

2. The Monsters of the Week (the sister witches) told a story of Sam and Dean. This is what the show used to do a lot. The "other" characters mirrored or reflected the Sam and Dean story. LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID HERE. The sisters showed the darker side of Sam and Dean. They were sisters who were committed to saving someone they loved. Not much different to our brothers. Only, we know they'd never go THAT far - the sisters were malicious murderers. Our boys haven't gone that far, but this showed that they COULD (and it's a theme the show toys with occasionally).

And WOW! The sisters killed each other in the end. A moment where I literally put my hand to my mouth.

(Time out to say, there was a time where I thought the show might, one day, show Sam and Dean actually killing each other like that - not permanently, but, much like in Sex and Violence - they go at each other, and possibly kill each other. I even once thought it's how the show might end. Only one killing the other would be as a blessing, not through hate or a curse).

The mirroring of the MoTW and the brothers absolutely sold this episode to me.


3. We got Sam remembering Lucifer. I mean WHAT?!?! Since when have we had the writers give a moment to what Sam has suffered from Lucifer? That whole scene between Sam and Rowena just left me with my mouth agape. I want to think this is a new direction but I totally don't trust the Show anymore to carry this through. I'm just thankful we got even this.

I confess I'm not a fan of Rowena (because I can't pin her down dammit!), but I loved the twists and turns of this. I desperately want to believe her truth in this episode. She, much like Crowley, is a "baddie" who is actually a "goodie". The duplicity is actually quiet fascinating.

4. Argh! I even liked Cas! Did we see some of that solid bad-ass stuff from the past?! Can it be so?! PLEASE BE!!! It's be FOR-FUCKING-EVER since I've found this character remotely "sexy", but damn, I saw a glimmer in this episode. I want this from Cas much more than I want the humour.

5. WE EVEN HAD BEERS BETWEEN THE BOYS!! And YES YES, I know Sam probably needed to not walk off in the end but I DON'T CARE. We're actually getting some fucking EMOTION between these beautiful men. The tug and pull between these two is WHY I WATCH! I cried!

Mostly, I felt this episode was more intricate than it usually it. It had a delicate mix of what makes Supernatural, well, Supernatural. It wasn't perfect, but it had those necessary ingredients...

(Okay, okay. Sam not reaching the hex bag immediately is a bug (come on guys!) but Pffffff. I don't care. Sam remembered Lucifer!)

I laughed, I cried, I cringed, I sighed, I swooned, I hand-waved. And for me, THAT is what Supernatural is all about. DAMN YOU SHOW! Stop hooking me like this. You give me hope then sweep that from under my feet. But I'm happy to get this. So yay. :)

Steve Yockey was the writer of this ep. I think I have a new fav (sorry Berens, but I expected more from the Wayward Sisters I gotta say...).
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