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curled around these images
just enough to make us dangerous
20th-Nov-2016 10:07 pm - 12.06 reaction/review
squeed, posted, I watched
I'm knee deep in report writing at the moment so this is brief...

Now that is what I call familyCollapse )
13th-Nov-2016 01:59 pm - 12.05 quick reaction
Nom Nom Nom
I can't believe we're already up to episode 5. They seem to be going by so fast.

the theme of this episode was appropriate at leastCollapse )
9th-Nov-2016 09:26 pm - Just
Dean facepalm
The pain that Supernatural brings me sometimes pales to insignificance to the pain I feel today. I not only weep for America but for the world. What an utterly devastating outcome. I don't think I have ever felt this level of despair for the state of the world.
4th-Nov-2016 08:04 pm - 12.04 squee (I mean reaction/review)
squeed, posted, I watched
Dear Supernatural,

More like that!
Please and thank you <3

Yours lovingly

10 Things I Loved About YouCollapse )
2nd-Nov-2016 08:18 pm - Dean and Sam meta (via twitter)
Now &amp; Then
Hey. I wanted to share a short conversation I had with bookdal on Twitter because I think she made some interesting observations on the boys and Mary (posted with her permission).

I posted this comment:

In response to this pic:

and this exchange happenedCollapse )
29th-Oct-2016 07:00 pm - 12.03 reaction/review
Now &amp; Then
When I sit down to write these I usually have a clear idea how I felt about the episode. This one is different - I can't seem to settle on a clear response so this pretty mixed up...(but mostly positive *g*)

Born to be...Collapse )
26th-Oct-2016 09:12 pm - LJ meme!
Now &amp; Then
1. How long have you been on LiveJournal?

*checks profile* Since August 2006 (dammit!! I missed my 10th anniversary!)

2. How did you come up with your online name(s)? Does it have any special meaning?

The very first SPN on-line account I created was for FF.net and I had NO idea what to call myself so I picked my daughter's name and her birth date (Ash8). Then I wanted to create an account for LJ and "Ash8" was taken so I then took her birth month and birth date and mashed it up and Ash48 was made. On YouTube "Ash48" was taken so I added her birth year and Ash4897 was born. My poor daughter!

3. Why did you join LJ?

It was where it was all happening back in 2006 - before Tumblr and Twitter and whatever else is out there now. It had all the fic, meta, pics, community... It was amazing. *g*

4. What do you like about it? What keeps you active here?

I love the conversation format. It beats all other fandom social sites for that. Twitter is great for small, instant chat but misinterpretations are rife. Tumblr is just damn messy (but pretty!). I am less active than I used to be but I stay active because I love the people I've met here. I feel a greater connection to fellow fans more than I do anywhere else. I love the interaction, and the flexibility of formatting.

5. Do you remember what made you add me as a friend? If so, what was it?

Ah, well. I took this from a few mutual friends so I won't answer this specifically. I will say that the reason I added YOU is because I either - thought you were awesome and I felt like we shared something in common or you friended me and I like making mutual friends. :)

6. Where in the world do you live? (Feel free to be as specific/unspecific as you'd like, lol. I just like seeing how far spread my online friends are :))

I live in Perth, Western Australia. In a lovely little suburb called Bassendean. :)

7. Tell me one random/happy/good thing about your day! :)

I am now riding my bike to work every day! This is huge for me because I've never done this before. I love it! :)
22nd-Oct-2016 08:21 pm - 12.02 review/reaction
Sam in Dean&#39;s arms
It's weird isn't it. We spend months and months waiting for the show to return and then when it has returned we spend months and months angsting over it. Some episodes create positive angst, some create negative angst.

This episode created a bit of both of those for me. So, ya know, nothing new really...;)

(this got rather long. Seems I had a bit to unpack...*oops*)

Mamma Mia, here I go againCollapse )
15th-Oct-2016 07:22 pm - 12.01 review/reaction
A mother&#39;s love
Dear Supernatural,

Welcome back!! You knocked it out of the park! \o/

Lots of Love

I think I can safely say that is my fave season opener after 2.01 (In My Time of Dying). I know 4.01 (Lazarus Rising) is pretty damn awesome too, but as it was the beginning of a season of secrecy between Sam and Dean I think I'd put that slightly behind this one.

This episode had a lot to achieve in a very short time. I'm happy to say that it not only achieved everything it had to, but it achieved it all so damn well. It was wonderfully paced and deftly crafted. There was an underlying sense of urgency and yet it never felt rushed. It even managed to get in some humour. I am so proud of my show!!

Nice to be able to squee againCollapse )
24th-Sep-2016 11:40 pm - New vid! "Just a Little Bit More"
Gag reel editor
Title: Just a Little Bit More
Vidder: ash48
Music by: LibertyX
Length: 2.57m
Summary: "Everything about you is so sexy" - aka S11 Gag Reel (with snippets of past gag reels)

Watch: You Tube
Download: 4Shared

For the lovely milly_gal. She put this song out there a while back and it struck me as something that could work for our lovely cast. Thanks hun!

thanks and notesCollapse )
27th-Aug-2016 09:01 pm - Pimp: Vid Survey
Hey fellow vidders (you know who you are!), if you have a couple of minutes kimberlyfdr's would love you to fill out her vidding survey. It's pretty quick and easy to do. She's half way through her needed sample size so needs a few more peeps to fill it out. Help out a fellow fan if you can. :)

More information about it all here.
4th-Aug-2016 05:25 pm - Discussion rec
Batcave Legs up
It's lovely to see discussion still happening on LJ. dugindeep has posted a discussion on leaving feedback on fanworks and about fandom in general. Worth a read - some interesting thoughts have been shared.

Hope you are all well. I know I am guilty of not posting anything lately but I am enjoying my hiatus. The play is keeping me busy *g*. I'm looking forward to S12 now - I miss seeing my boys on the screen. <3
5th-Jul-2016 11:35 am - Stuff
Becc_j Art

Popping by to say I hoped I managed to thank everyone personally for their birthday messages. They meant a lot so here's an extra thank you! <33

I also want to give a shout out to the lovely mods at spn_littlebro. Especially to ayane42 for taking over the newsletter compiling while I'm on a hiatus. And to nahemaraxe for doing an amazing job with the littlebro tumblr.

more about meeeeee.....Collapse )
10th-Jun-2016 08:44 pm - fandom
Now &amp; Then
It appears I don't know how to be in fandom any more. It's discombobulating.
27th-May-2016 10:59 am - 11.23 reaction/review
Star gazing
It seems I am surprisingly chill about this episode (I know! Knock me over with a feather). In fact, I even have some nice things to say about it. :)

So the title was not referring to werewolf fanfic after allCollapse )
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