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curled around these images

just enough to make us dangerous

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Hey there,

If you're on this page you've come to check me out so I'll say a little something about me.

I'm here because I am a huge Supernatural fan. Through that obsession I have discovered vidding and spend a lot of my spare time making fanvids. I also enjoy reading, watching, looking at and discussing stuff about my show.

I have a Bachelor in Media and Drama. I am a teacher. Until recently I have been heavily involved in local theatre but now my main hobbies are fan related. I'm married to my soul mate (who "tolerates" my obsession and TV boyfriends) and I have a beautiful 17 year old daughter.

Feel free to friend. I like hearing from people so if we've made some sort of contact I will friend back.

I'm pretty easy going. I appreciate that we all enjoy different aspects of our show and fandom. I endeavour to respond to all comments. For me this is a place to connect with like minded people, so I like to chat. :) If I miss one it's not ever deliberate.

I'm a Sammy!gal, but I love Dean.

I'm @ash48spn on twitter, ash4897 on You Tube and ash48 on Tumblr .

Communities I mod: spn_littlebro (hurt!Sam and hurt!Jared fic and art library), spn_sceneit (a comm for vidders looking for scenes or footage from Supernatural) and spnvidrecs (a vid reccing community).

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